I met Garret as he was walking by at the corner of University Ave and 6th Ave in Hillcrest. I offered him a mercy pack at which he chuckled and said I guess I still look like a homeless person.

He soon told me that several years ago he used to roamed these same streets looking for drugs and sex. These days he lives and works with his family in rural San Diego.

On this day he was in Hillcrest to help a local community center with their yard maintenance which is part of his 12 step program through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

When I began to share with him about Jesus he became defensive saying he believed in a higher power but not in a personal god.

Then Mike came over and we shared Jesus with Garret for several minutes. I give Garret credit for sticking around and listening to our biblical encouragement.

But then Garrett said something that many people say. He said he would never trust in Jesus as he thinks much of the Bible is fairy-tails.

To that I replied now that you’ve heard the truth and we’re praying for you God will reveal Himself to you in an undeniable way as His Word does not return void.

Garret would not let me pray for him and he would not pray for me though he says he prays to a higher power.

Garret is an example of how confused and mixed up people are concerning the meaning of life and our ultimate destiny.

The sad thing is that many people have their opinions of life and death yet when asked for the foundation of their belief they have nothing other than their opinion.

We Christians have as our foundation the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the faithful testimony of His followers and over 24,000 New Testament manuscripts that are 95% textually identical. The remaining 5 percent are mainly misspelled words, which do not constitute any threat to the content or reliability of the text.

By contrast only 643 copies of Homer’s Iliad have survived to modern day and no one questions there validity.

Definitely something to think about.