Today I ventured into the streets of Hillcrest to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.


To my surprise I was actually greeted warmly by most of the people with whom I spoke. Several people even gave me the opportunity to share my testimony and pray for them. One group of young men actually eavesdropped on me and another person. When I had the opportunity to speak with them they said they were christians and that they were excited to see someone sharing God’s love on the streets.

Reality Sets In

However, I did have my detractors as many had no interest hearing about Jesus. Some laughed, others tersely rejected my offer and others kindly said no thank you and kept walking.

One lady even yelled out to me, “Didn’t you hear, Jesus is dead!” To that I simply replied, “Yes He died but He rose from the dead and is alive.” Needless to say she kept walking.

The Tattoo Parlor

Next I spotted three young men standing outside a tatoo parlor. I thought to myself thank you Lord, this is going to be good. When I asked if I could tell them about Jesus Christ one man replied no, but the other said yeah I’d like to hear what you have to say. That’s all the invitation I needed.

So I began sharing my testimony. One of the men pretended to ignore me while the other listened intently. By the time I finished both men were listening and another young man had come out to listen as well. I encouraged them to repent of their sin and to place their faith in Jesus Christ as I had done myself several years ago.

The Wholly Leg

Next I came upon a homeless man named Billie sitting behind a taco stand. When I approached him I couldn’t help but notice a baseball sized hole in his upper interior calf which was one half inch deep. It was a terrible sight and to be honest it made me feel helpless inside.

I knew I couldn’t help him but I also knew the Lord could. So I prayed that the Lord would bring someone to him who could clean out his wound and bandage his leg. Otherwise by the look of the wound his lower leg would have to be amputated.

I then continued walking and once I had reached the end of the block I turned around to go home. I soon began to approach the taco stand where Billie was sitting and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

Answered Prayer

An EMT vehicle was parked with two young men sitting in the front seat. Wow! God answered my simple prayer. It’s times like these when the Lord humbles me by His providential power and grace. (Providence simply means that God has the power to influence the circumstances of our lives according to His great love for us.)

I approached the men in the vehicle and explained the situation. I told them that if they couldn’t help I completely understood and I then continued walking toward Billie. Then I heard the EMT vehicle power down and saw the two young men walking toward Billie and I with a first aid kit.

Unfortunately Billie rejected their offer to clean his wound. They instructed him that his leg required immediate medical attention and that if he did not accept treatment his leg would indeed need to be amputated. I thanked the young men for trying to do the right thing and then began walking toward my car.

The Lesson

It was then that the lesson became clear. Because of a simple prayer God provided a way for this man to be healed but because of his pride he rejected those who had the power and willingness to make him well.

It’s the same with our generation today. God has the power and willingness to heal men and women of their spiritual disease but because of pride they reject His offer of love and forgiveness. So instead of being healed they will continue to slowly fade into eternal death needlessly. Though this realty saddens me it also motivates me to share God’s love with as many people as I can until I see my Lord face to face.