Once again I was in the San Diego urban hamelet of City Heights and once again the Lord blessed my time. Many people I shared with responded positively to God’s message of faith, hope and love.


However, there was one person in particular who affected me deeply. Her name is Anna and I first saw her walking with her friend Brittany.

(On a side note Brittany was greatly encouraged by the Gospel message and our time in prayer. Please pray for Brittany that she would grow in her faith in Jesus Christ, remain sober and when the time is right receive her two young boys back into her custody.)

Now back to Anna.

She was wearing khaki Dickies pants, a white ribbed tank top and a backward baseball cap. She had several small tattoos on her arms and face, her face was dirty and she was smoking a liquor store cigar with a plastic tip.

No Hope

Her eyes were void of expression and emotion. She looked at me with a blank stare. It was like she was an empty vessel of flesh and bones.

When I asked permission to share the Gospel with her and Brittany Anna reluctantly approved by shrugging her shoulders.

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I’ll hand it to her, she listened patiently but left as soon as I began to pray for her and Brittany. I’m sad to report that Anna did not respond to my message. She simply walked away without saying a word.

Depth of Pain

When I was on my way home about an hour later I began to wonder, what had Anna been through in her life that brought her to this place? What was her childhood like? Who wounded her? Was it a relative, so called friend or boyfriend?

Did her parents expose her to late night parties, drugs and alcohol and sex, was she abused, or was her plight simply the result of bad choices?

I feel terrible for Anna. There is nothing worse than waking up every day with nothing to hope for, nothing to look forward to, nothing to accomplish of value that confirms the purpose for our being on this planet.

My Purpose

I can both empathize and sympathize with Anna. As a young man I was plunging toward despair but thankfully that I was graciously rescued by the love of God.

As David writes in Second Samuel 22:17,

He sent from above, He took me, He drew me out of many waters.

Since that day I’ve literally woken up every day with hope bursting from the seams. Not because everything has been rosy but because the eternal hope of Jesus Christ lives in me. It’s a part of me and can never be taken away.

My purpose is to share this hope with everyone I meet.

Let’s Pray

My prayer for Anna is that the grace of God would break through her tough exterior and give her a heart of flesh.

I firmly believe that no one is beyond the merciful gaze and loving arms of our great God and creator.

Hope Eternal

I will probably never know what Anna has been through in her life but God knows and that’s what gives me hope for Anna and everyone else I meet on the streets.

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May The Lord Richly Bless You!