An evangelist has one objective and one delight, to be present when God delivers a sinner to new life by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Unbeknownst to Brian, Chito and I, on this day, the Lord would grant us this privilege.

The foot traffic passing by the table at the corner of University Ave and 6th Ave in Hillcrest was unusually slow, nonetheless, we continued to hand out tracts and share the gospel. Many expressed no interest, some obvious disdain, and once again we heard some colorful language. But just when we thought the night had been less than productive the Lord showed us a miracle.

Matt approached the table, took a tract and stopped to speak with us. Through our initial conversation we learned that he moved here from the midwest to serve in the military. Brian and Matt had a lot in common as they both served in the same branch of the military. Matt broke away from the conversation to take a call. Honestly I expected Matt to leave but he stayed close by while on the phone.

When his phone call ended he came back to the table and began talking with Brian. This time the conversation centered on the things God was doing in Matt’s life and how he felt that God was speaking to him personally. He wasn’t clear what God wanted him to do but he was willing to listen. (I think sometimes we can forget that God is already working in peoples lives when we meet them.) Then I heard Brian ask Matt if he wanted to turn from his sin and place his faith in Jesus Christ. Mike said yes.

Next, Brian led Matt in prayer, asking for God’s forgiveness and the filling of the Holy Spirit. When we were done praying it was obvious that Matt had a joy in his heart that wasn’t present when we first met. In fact, we were all caught up in Matt’s joy and stood around reminiscing of the day we too first experienced God’s grace. The rest of the evening was filled with the afterglow of God’s presence among us.