These were a few of the responses I received yesterday while Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Hillcrest.

Jesus isn’t real.

I don’t care if Jesus loves me.

I’ve already been down that road bro, I was raised Jehovah witness.

I’m an atheist.

Jesus isn’t God, Allah is God.

I was also stared down, laughed at and ignored. Just another day at the office!

What’s worse is the anger, fear, frivolity and emptiness present in people’s lives. How do I know? Well, first of all I’ve been there, and second, it’s evident in their eyes, their frowns and vulgar language. The reality of many peoples lives can be depressing if we dwell on the here and now but I choose to dwell on who these people can become if they receive the grace of God.

Please join me in prayer…

Oh, Lord how can people be so ambivalent toward Your love and grace? How can they say you’re not real and dismiss the cross without even investigating the facts?

Lord, I plead with you to bind satan, give grace a chance to flourish in the lost, despondent, depressed and angry.

May they taste your grace and see your glory.

It’s sad that so many live without You and think that their best life now is found in the culture, the next hit of the pipe and material possessions.

Our best life now is found through repentance, confession of sin and faith toward You.

Lord, hasten the day when You are glorified on the streets of Hillcrest.