Once again we were at the corner of 6th and University sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Hillcrest when a young couple passed by the table. I asked them whether I could speak with them about Jesus but they declined.

A few minutes later the same couple returned from the opposite direction. This time I asked them how they were doing and where they were headed. They stopped to tell me they were on their way to see a christian band.

I asked them if they lived in Hillcrest, and if so, where they attended church. They replied they attended church in University Heights. I then told them we were in the beginning stages of starting a church in Hillcrest.

Obviously Intrigued they asked a common question, where is your church. They meant to ask where is your building. I told them we didn’t have a building and that our focus wasn’t to meet in a building but to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets with people who would not typically walk into a church on their own.

Then they said something profound while viewing the activity around them. They said these people in Hillcrest need Jesus. Wow! How right they were. They do need Jesus!

Here’s the profound part. Men, women and children all across America need Jesus but instead of the church lining up to share it with them we’re lining up to hear our favorite band and follow our favorite guru speakers.

We rock out to our favorite Dove Award winning band and hang on every word of prophesy given by rock-star pastor’s. We like and comment on Facebook posts that decry the moral decline of our Country and are more well known by our culture for what we’re against than what we’re for.

We’re treated like princes and princesses by our mega church pastors and staff whom we pay to reassure us that we’re doing exactly what Jesus wants us to do (oops, I mean tithe). We’re comfortable, clean and on the narrow road that leads to eternal life – so we think.

Unfortunately, we care more about what kind of donut we’ll get at the end of service than what the Lord will have us do or where He wants us to go in His name.

Millions of people need Jesus and the thousands of the pastors serving in our churches cannot reach them all. But just imagine what kind of impact the church would have on the culture if the hundreds of thousands of concert and conference goers walked out of the arenas, conference centers and stadiums to share the gospel with the lost…just imagine.

Only you can make this a reality through prayer and submission to the will of God for your life.