It was another picture perfect day in San Diego. I was headed to City Heights to share the Good News of Jesus Christ but this time I was going to do something different.

I decided to ask my family and friends to pray for me and the people I was going to meet. So I recorded a short video, uploaded it to Instagram and Facebook and then took off on foot.

The first person I met was a homeless women. I carefully approached her, pulled out a Mercy Pack and started to hand it to her. However, she refused to take it. After confirming her refusal, I put the Mercy Pack back in my backpack and walked away.


Then I heard a female voice call out asking if the homeless women was alright? It was a women named Sylvi, who exhibited a true concern for the women. I told her I tried to help her but she refused.

Then I began to explain to Sylvi why I was in her neighborhood. She was thrilled!

As we talked I learned Sylvi is from Italy and that she attends Church in Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy.

I asked her if she had any prayer needs. She replied yes, to please pray for her parents who live in Italy and are experiencing health problems.

She also confessed she feels guilty for living far from them while they’re going through this difficult time. She quipped the guilt comes from her Catholic upbringing.

I shared with her that everyone who has been saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ has been set free from guilt and shame.

I prayed for her parents and her. Then she asked me if she could pray for me in her native language to which I replied, I’d be honored.

She prayed the Our Father in Italian. It was beautiful.

As I left, Sylvi encouraged me to continue spreading God’s love on the streets of San Diego.


Next, I met Blake. Blake was on his way to the store for his grandmother. I politely asked him for his permission to share the Good News with him and he said yes.

He agreed with everything I said regarding Jesus, sin and salvation. Then I asked him if he was a Christian. He said yes.

Then I asked him if he was following Jesus? He smiled at me and said, not really.

I prayed with him that He would read God’s Word daily, pray and serve Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Antonina and Leela

When I first saw Antonina and Leela, mother and daughter, it was obvious that Leela was being disobedient. As they got close to me I introduced myself and asked Antonina for permission to pray for her and Leela. Initially she hesitated but then consented, saying they could surely use prayer.

I prayed for them both and when I lifted my head Antonina was crying. I spoke a few encouraging words, gave them each a hug and said goodbye

It brought me back to my own childhood begin raised by a single mother. It’s not easy in the least, especially when Jesus is not the central figure in the home.

Edwin and Rosa

I continued walking down the street when I casually looked into a storefront and without hesitation I entered the store.

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I introduced myself to Edwin and Rosa and explained to them why I was there. Edwin was stunned.

He shared with me that he and Rosa had been discussing a dream he recently had in which Jesus told him that He was giving him one last chance to turn from his sin and accept Him as Lord and Savior by faith.

Once again I was in awe of God’s faithfulness to lead me to someone whom needed to hear directly from Him in answer to prayer.

I shared the Good News with Edwin. He agreed that he is a sinner, that Jesus was God in the flesh and that He paid the penalty for his sin on the Cross and was raised from the dead.

I asked Edwin if he wanted to pray right then to repent of his sin and receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He said he wasn’t sure he was ready. Well, I told him that was between he and God and then left the store.

I know I will see Edwin again. I will give everyone an update when I do.

The Power Of Prayer

Sylvi, Blake, Edwin and Rosa all belived that I was sent by God to share with them a personal message from Him. Wow, God answered our prayers!


You may pray for Sylvi, Blake and Edwin right now on our Prayer Wall.