Thanking God And Looking Forward

Returning to street evangelism in 2017 proved to be an immense blessing. Not only did I have the privalege to encourage, pray and plead with hundreds of people to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, but along the way, I developed meaningful relationships that I hope grow deeper in 2018. Below are… Read more about Thanking God And Looking Forward

The Profound Lesson I Learned In 2017

No Plan In 2017 my plan to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ was to have no plan. I literally showed up on the street, asking God to open doors and provide opportunities to minister to people in need. I asked you to pray with me and you did! Together we unlocked the… Read more about The Profound Lesson I Learned In 2017

Welcoming The Unexpected

Walking the streets in search of opportunities to speak with people about life, death and eternity in of itself welcomes unexpected situations. I’ve certainly experienced more than a few but nothing like what I experienced on this Saturday afternoon in City Heights. Why Not? I began by walking north, away from University Avenue when I… Read more about Welcoming The Unexpected