Returning to street evangelism in 2017 proved to be an immense blessing. Not only did I have the privalege to encourage, pray and plead with hundreds of people to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, but along the way, I developed meaningful relationships that I hope grow deeper in 2018.

Below are a few stories of the people I met and how the Lord is working in their lives.


Aminda is a Hondurian native living in America. She is kind, caring and has a strong relationshipwith the Lord.

Over the course of 2017 she confided in me that she has chronic health struggles and that her daughter recently passed away leaving behind two children. Aminda’s grandchildren are Deborah, who is 19 years old and Gabriel, who is 10.

Deborah and Gabriel recently visited Aminda for a few months and have since returned to Honduras. They struggle with the passing of their mother, especially Gabriel. They need our prayers.

It has been a privilege to listen to, pray with and encourage Aminda in her time of need and to see the Lord work out His perfect plan in her life. Aminda is often discouraged but never in despair. She still has a long way to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually but I rest in the fact that she draws her strength and hope from Jesus – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


The first time I met Semaj, I observed him from a distance as he slammed his coke can down on the sidewalk after drinking the last sip. I thought to myself, I need to teach him lesson in civic pride.

A few moments later, Semaj fell to the ground from his in-line skates. I helped him up and then gently encouraged him to pick up the can he had thrown on the ground and put it in the trash, which he did.

Semaj is nine years old, often alone yet full of life and optimism. The few times I’ve interacted with his mother she has been sick or unwilling to speak to me. I’m not sure why but time will tell.

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You might remember the first time I met Semaj he was ready to follow me, a perfect stranger, away from his home. How scary is that? He also told me the neighborhood boys beat him up.

I met his father, Eddie, who had recently returned from Texas. Eddie shared with me that Semaj has had a rough life, moving a lot and not having many friends his own age. I was able to pray with Eddie and noticed tears streaming from his face when we both lifted our heads.

Since that day I’ve seen Eddie and Semaj again and we even threw the football around.

It turns out Eddie and I attended Helix High School together for two years though we didn’t know each other. I look forward to more opportunities to encourage Eddie and Semaj in the Lord this coming year.


I met James in an alley while he was out for an evening stroll. We had a great initial conversation and stayed in touch through email. Eventually we decided to start a monthly Bible Study.

James shared with me his testimony of how the Lord saved him from a life of hopelessness, anger and drug addiction.

He believes he is called to be a Pastor and I am honored to be disciplining him toward fulfilling the call of God upon his life.

This is especially important to me because I believe the Great Commission is to make disciples, not only to scatter seeds.

Looking Foward

Below are my prayers for 2018

  • That Aminda’s health will improve and that her two grandchildren will find their strength and hope in Jesus.
  • For Semaj and his family to begin faithfully attending Church where they will hear the wonderful news of their Savior!
  • That James will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through our monthly Bible studies.

Join The Work

You are invited to join the work the Lord is doing in City Heights and to meet and pray for Aminda, Eddie, Semaj and James in person.

May The Lord Richly Bless You,