Jesus Is In City Heights

Sometimes I forget that God is working in peoples lives everyday through His Holy Spirit. Therefore I shouldn’t be surprised when I meet someone whose heart has already been prepared to respond to His message.

The first time I saw Terrance I walked right passed him as he didn’t seem interested in speaking to me. Terrance is about 5′ 8″ 150 lbs and was wearing flashy sunglasses, a baseball cap and an Oakland Raiders Jersey. After I walked past him I proceeded to pray with two men hanging out on the street Mike and D.

On a side note Mike and D were very rigid when I first approached them but were thankful and introspective after I prayed for them. (I get so excited when I see God’s Holy Spirit scatter seeds of love into peoples hearts.)

Then I headed back toward where I had seen Terrance and began praying for Wendy who was sitting at the bus stop. Just as I finished praying for Wendy Terrance came walking around the corner. Wendy, Terrance’s girlfriend, hurriedly said to Terrance, “He was just praying for me.”

Fertile Ground

I then proceeded to approach Terrance when I said to him, “I know one thing about you, you’re not afraid of anything.” He asked me how I knew that and I told him it was because he was wearing an Oakland Raiders Jersey in San Diego.

After a short chuckle I asked Terrance if he knew Jesus Christ to which he responded, yes. I then I asked if I could pray for him to which he also said yes. When I finished praying I encouraged him to continue following Christ and then I began to walk across the street.

The Truth Comes Out

Just when I had stepped foot on the other side of the street Terrance ran up behind me saying that he had a confession to make. He told me that he had just been in an argument with Wendy and that he cursed God and told her that he wanted God out of his life.

He told me that he took it back immediately but asked if I could pray that God would forgive him. When I was finished praying he continued to tell me how much he was sorry for what he had said and then tears of repentance began dripping from his cheek onto the sidewalk.

He then told me that he had just been released from jail and it was then that my spirit within me was so overwhelmed with God’s love for him that I said, “The Lord has sent me to assure you that you have already been forgiven.” I then reached out and hugged him.

The Joy of Being Used by God

I am so glad that God sent me to the streets of City Heights to meet the young teenage couple, Mike, D, Wendy and Terrance. It proved to me something I already knew, that ordinary people are hurting every day and all they really need is someone to point them back toward the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and that He loves them and desires that they would repent of their sin and trust in the living God through Jesus Christ!