Tonight was the culmination of over six months of plowing the ground in Hillcrest. We saw several people that we’ve met over that time period. We were cussed at again and treated with contempt by many. But please don’t think we’re discouraged – we’re not.

Tonight we were reunited with Al and Marlene. They are a sweet couple who are homeless. It’s been three months since I’ve seen them. Al had a patch over his eye from being pummeled by another homeless man. This man severely bruised Al’s right eye and knocked out his front four teeth. No charges were filed because the district attorney said they were both homeless. We prayed with them and they were encouraged.

Then here comes Conner. Conner is a young man I met during the summer. He grew up with a mother addicted to heroine and absentee father. Conner was sober tonight and said he only takes crystal occasionally now, as if that makes it okay, though I guess it’s progress. Nevertheless we laid hands on him and prayed that he would be delivered from his addiction. He’s living with his mother again who’s no longer a heroine addict. After praying for him we hugged and he was on his way.

The next thing that happened was quite strange. A young man and woman walked by the table. The man declined our tract but the woman grabbed it. They continued walking toward the corner. When they arrived at the corner the woman turned toward us and shouted, “Are you okay with fag!%@#?” I was shocked by her word choice. She yelled it again while walking toward us. I didn’t know what to say. Then she quipped, “You know you’re in the gayborhood, right? This is our neighborhood.” Then she asked whether we pro gay marriage?

I told her that God’s Word defines marriage between one man and one woman. Upon hearing my response she threw the tract on the table and told us that Hillcrest belongs to gay people and that we we’re in the wrong neighborhood.

I don’t blame those who treat us this way because I know how much damage has been done by so called Christians who carry signs and say things to the gay community that are contrary to scripture.

In addition, I encourage my fellow christians who went to the polls in favor of God’s definition of marriage to also come with us to the streets of Hillcrest with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You’ll find that those who practice homosexuality are just like you and me, sinners in need of a Savior.